Sandra Val


Sandra Val Molina

Position: Technician in Conservation-Restoration
Advanced Degree in Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Goods in the specialty of archaeological goods, for the Superior School of Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Goods in Catalonia.

Masters in Project Management in Conservation and Restoration of heritage collections and by the Faculty of Fine Arts.

Postgraduate Specialist in Preventive Conservation of Exposcions and Museums, the University of Alcala de Henares. Much of the degree in History from the University of Barcelona.

Since 1998 has been active in numerous projects of Conservation and Restoration in the fields of paleontology, archeology and architecture Heritage. He has specialized in the preparation paleontological, working since 1998 as a trainer collaborating laboratory of the former Institute of Paleontology Crusafont Sabadell, where he has conducted and participated in the preparation-conserving fossils more than thirty different sites, also realizing an important work for playback of original research and for twenty exhibitions.

He has worked in the Regional Museum of Natural Science Temple as head of the Conservation Preparing paleontological Pallars Jussà and Noguera. Developing the project design and paleontological laboratory Preparation for this institution.

For six years he has been the Head of the Area of ​​Conservation-Restoration Preparation Paleontological the Catalan Institute of Palaeontology (ICP). Which also produced the project and design of the restoration laboratory of the Museum Crusafont Miguel de Sabadell, as well as the restoration laboratory of the ICP at the Autonomous University of Barcelona.

Currently the coordinator is responsible for the activities carried out in the Department of Conservation-Restoration Preparation Paleontological Center of Paleontological Restoration and Interpretation (CRIP) Hostalets de Pierola. I also elavorat project design and preparation of the two laboratories paleontological this institició.
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