Domingo Jesús López


Domingo Jesús López

Position: Technician in Conservation-Restoration
Diploma in Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Goods in the specialty of archaeological goods, for the Superior School of Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Goods of Catalonia.

Degree in Conservation and Restoration of Works of Art from the Faculty of Fine Arts of Seville.

He worked actively in the field of conservation -Restoration Archaeology, Palaeontology and Architectural Heritage. I have been a member of the technical team of the Department of Conservation Preparation of the Catalan Institute of Paleontology (ICP), where he has been actively involved in projects in the area, as well as the publication of several articles.

Currently energizes conservation and restoration activities and training developed within the Department of Conservation-Restoration Preparation Paleontological Center of Paleontological Restoration and Interpretation (CRIP) Hostalets de Pierola.

He has worked on several projects for the Conservation and Restoration of pictorial support and develops an important work in the field of scientific and informative illustration. As well as in the design of different formats for logos and merchandising for institutions.
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