Andrés Santos Cubedo


Andrés Santos Cubedo

Position: Paleontologist
Degree of Geologyc Sciences by the Autonomous University of Barcelona, ​​also has a Masters in Interactive Environments Participation and Museology, and a Postrgrade in Strategies and Resources in Interactive Museography, both by the University of Barcelona.

He has conducted surveys and paleontological excavations in Valencia and Catalonia.

Active researcher, with several lines of specialization: dinosaurs, mammals, Taphonomy and Geology and Geophysics, which has allowed him to publish numerous research papers in prestigious international journals.

As a popularizer, he has made several lectures on paleontology and has contributed to books, articles and collections of instalments for the general public. He collaborates with magazines like Terra Nostra and Pueblos de Interior.

He has been director of Escuela Taller de Restauración Paleontológica IV of Dinópolis. Currently director of Dinomania Cultural Park and the Museum Collection of Cinctorres, director of the Museum of Ethnology and Archaeology of Bejís and president of Grup Guix of Villa-Real
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