3rd ICSW

3rd International Conservation Symposium-Workshop Barcelona 21-24 Novemver 2017
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The CENTRE DE RESTAURACIÓ DE BÉNS MOBLES DE CATALUNYA and the ESCOLA SUPERIOR DE CONSERVACIÓ I RESTAURACIÓ DE BÉNS MOBLES CATALUNYA, Barcelona (Spain) are excited to host the 3rd International Conservation Symposium-Workshop of Natural History Collections in Barcelona (Spain) from NOVEMBER 21-24 2017. 
The main purpose of this 3rd Symposium-Workshop is to emphasize all those concepts related to protection and conservation of Natural History Collections.
In this edition, we plan to cover:
  • Conferences by international professionals.
  •  Attendees’ communications.
  •  Poster presentations.
  •  Practical classes and experience exchanges.
We would like to avoid all those theoretical lectures that are useful only for a few professionals working in this field. Our aim is to focus towards a practical point of view, which will achieve a better learning and gain international importance. For this reason, we will combine conferences given by an interdisciplinary team of conservators from world renowned collections. There will be time for attendees’ communications, as well as poster presentations, in order to find global solutions.




  • End of early registration at JULY 30TH 2017.
  • The last day for submitting an abstract is JULY 28TH 2017.
  • Registration deadline is SEPTEMBER 30TH 2017.
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